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Product Review: Creative Zen Touch MP3 Player

by Nicola
Creative Zen Touch MP3 Player

One of the famous Creative players, the Zen Touch, set out to rival the iPod at the time. Whether you’re a Creative fan or you’re looking for an alternative to the iPod, the Creative Zen Touch is a good option. Read on to find out if this player is worth its weight, or if it’s just another poser.

Creative Zen Touch


The body of the Creative Zen Touch will turn off many, but it shouldn’t. The player is thick and full, but not brick-sized. This is due in part because of the battery. See ‘Batter Life’ below for more info.

The buttons are laid out along the outer edges of the player, and the familiar iRiver scroll pad is seen here, with a vertical swipe for the thumb. The LCD screen takes up about 30% percent of the body and is large enough to see the menus and music list comfortably.


The Zen Touch has only the bare-bones features – no video, no pictures, just music. The player lacks a line-in port and supports WMA and MP3 music audio codecs.

Battery Life

The width of this player is due to a larger battery. The battery life of the Zen Touch is rated at more than 25 hours, which is quality, possibly the longest you will find for such a high-capacity hard drive device.

Audio Quality

The audio quality on this device is impressive, thanks to Creative’s attention to the needs of audiophiles. The player can be pumped out just under 100db, which is a fantastic number to be sure. This player can drive powerful headphones with the impedance is sub-40, and with the longer than usual battery-life, you won’t take a hit in listening time. Unfortunately, the player doesn’t support any sort of lossless music codecs, however, or lossy WMA, which kind of defeats the purpose of having high-quality audio lines.


The issues aren’t harmful, but you may not find them ideal for your needs. The biggest one, for myself, at least, was the need for a driver for the computer to recognize it. This is a hassle because it means you won’t be able to plug the player into just any device and start swapping music.

Another issue is the bulk – it is not huge, but the size of the player makes it very noticeable in the pocket, which can bug some people. You certainly don’t want to go jogging with this player.


If you’re looking for a powerhouse music player, something that doesn’t waste hard drive space with pictures or movies and that simply plays music the way it was meant to sound, then the Creative Zen Touch is most definitely the player for you. With an 80GB hard drive, there is certainly enough storage space for all your albums, and thanks to Creative’s attention to audio quality, the player is sure to please any audiophile with high demands.

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