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Want To Listen To Music While Riding? Here Are Some Tips

by Nicola
Couple Driving Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the favorite activities for most people. It can be a fantastic experience with music on. Listening to music has its own advantages and it can have positive effects on a person’s mood and mental health. However, riding with the headphones on can trouble as if worn for a long time, they can hurt. The wires might also cause trouble. Hence, most people opt for earbuds. Few states make it illegal to wear headphones when riding a bike because it can be a distraction and change your concentration to music other than the road.

Thus, wearing earbuds with a motorcycle helmet can be the best option. You can get the buds that fit perfectly in your ear below the helmet and you are good to go on a musical ride. The other most popular option these days is the helmet with built-in headphones. They provide a hands-free experience while attending the calls or for GPS navigation etc.

Best ways to listen to music while riding

There are some ways where you can safely listen to music while riding a motorcycle.

Bluetooth enabled Helmets for listening to music

The first one is to have a Bluetooth helmet. Bluetooth Helmets are gaining popularity nowadays, especially among the group riders. It is because it provides hands-off communication with fellow riders, easy access to GPS, music streaming and prices are also affordable. The good thing about a Bluetooth helmet is that there is no wiring or sliding. Since these helmets have external buttons, operating would be easier. They can get hooked up with the GPS so that you can have distraction less navigation.

Along with the protection, comfort also matters a lot for the rider when it comes to helmets. These helmets contain smaller devices that can be used to stream music, podcasts, or even communication. Connecting the helmet to Smartphone is as easy as listening to music. Some brands even offer built-in FM radios which erase the need to connect to a smartphone. You can even receive or make phone calls. With audio alerts enabled, you can even get to know when texts, messages, or emails come in.

Helmet inserts

These are small devices that can easily be inserted into the helmet. They offer comfort to the rider as they are not required to wear them. They just remain inside the helmet mostly at the side and give the feel of listening to music in a Bluetooth helmet. These come with additional options like voice command and thus the rider does not need to stop for making or receiving calls or changing the music. These inserts also have good battery life and are a good partner for a long journey. This is a safe as well as a comfortable option for those who have a low budget.

Pros of listening to music while riding

Get rid of boredom – Consider you are on a long road trip on a motorcycle and you need to cover hundreds of miles. Obviously, you will get bored on a straight highway. During this time, you might have to choose music that is not aggressive, not too fast, not too loud, and not too slow as well. You have to make the right choice of music so that it should make you feel good and you can sing along too.

Enhances concentration – There are times where music helps in enhancing concentration, especially for the people who do repetitive tasks. Hence, for an experienced rider who goes on riding very often, the right kind of music can help to concentrate more on the road and surroundings. As experienced riders, one should know when to turn on or turn off the music. Try to avoid listening to music when you are in heavy traffic and accident-prone areas. After all, being attentive is the best way to avoid accidents.

Safety precautions

Everyone enjoys listening to music but when on the road, the rider also needs to be attentive. So, it is better to keep the volume low and be attentive to the surroundings. Also, turn off the music when you are in heavy traffic.

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