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4 Common Problems And Solutions On How To Make Headphones Not Hurt Your Ear

by Nicola

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with earbuds since my ear canals are apparently not big enough to accommodate them.

So in an effort to spare by the inner ear, I often switch between using buds and headphones thinking this would solve my discomfort. But, alas! I’m sure anyone who has used headphones will agree that these seemingly innocent and comfortable looking pair of auditory accessories can actually turn into brain squeezing torture devices. Especially when they used for an extended period of time.

Figuring out what causes the discomfort can be done by taking a closer look at each of the problems experienced while using it.

Uncomfortable headphones need not be the norm when there are reliable resolutions on how to make headphones not hurt your ear. I’ve got a rundown of some of the most irksome issues I’ve dealt with since using over the ear headphones.

Problem #1 Too Tight Bands

Over the ear headphones are sometimes similar to brand new sneakers that need to be broken in. Instead of having to endure wearing them until they stretch to accommodate the size of my head, I found that stretching them overnight has made them more comfortable.

Solution: To do this, the trick is to simply use the box, book, jar, or any item that is roughly the same size as your head or maybe a teeny bit wider. Position the headphones on it to give it a nice stretch. Try to be as gentle as possible when attempting this trick. Repeat several times if the first attempt still feels too snug.

Problem #2 Headphones that Dig into the Skin

Usually, it fits more comfortably after several uses with the band magically taking in the shape of your head. For the most part, I have found that this is often the scenario whenever I opt for high-end headphones. It sounds cliche but you definitely get what you pay for.

Solution: After settling with cheap pairs for so many years, I saved up and got myself a good quality brand that boasts of luxurious comfort. And it did not disappoint! Compared to inexpensive models, the premium model had a band that was lined with memory foam.

The lack of padding not just feels tight on my head but it actually felt like the hard plastic was slowly digging into my skin. Of course, it is not necessary to simply select the priciest model out there. It does pay to try on a few designs until you are able to find one that offers ample cushioning.

Problem #3 Warm Sweaty Ears

There are numerous headphones that are made of pads with plastic materials. In some instances, they are even covered with faux leather making them even more uncomfortable to use.

Solution: To avoid irritation, picking headphones that are covered with breathable, soft fabric is always a better solution. There are lots of headphone models that allow users to replace the built-in pads with other options. Check to see if our model supports replaceable or removable pads. Bear in mind that breathable fabrics will introduce more air into the device which can reduce the noise cancellation functionality of your headpiece.

Problem #4 Drivers that Press Against Ears

Sometimes it is not the clamping pressure that causes ear discomfort but the shallow cups. With ear shapes and sizes varying, some ears tend to stick out more and tend to get cramped when shallow cups press against it.

Solution: Aside from the obvious of locating models that nestle your ears better, the next best option to create cups that are deeper. Be mindful that this quick fix could affect the quality of the audio output. Increase the thickness by adding foam or similar types of padding material around the cups and under the pads. This hack should provide more space inside the cup to comfortably accommodate the ears.

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