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4 Simple Factors To Consider On How Much Music Can 8GB Hold

by Nicola

Whenever I’m driving or puttering around the house doing chores, I always like to have some music playing in the background. Whether it is on my mobile phone, laptop or speaker system, having some tunes to keep me company always makes my tasks easier to do. However, device storage isn’t created equally. Memory capacity can range from a few gigabytes to terabytes.

It is not uncommon for portable devices to house large storage spaces that can support various forms of data including music. The amount of space in every gadget will dictate how much it can fully hold.

Granted that large-capacity devices will immediately resolve any limitation worries, it is still very helpful to have a good idea of the number of songs that can be stored in the allotted space of any gadget. If like me, you have wondered how much music 8GB can hold then here are the things you need to know.



  • File Type
  • Bit Rate
  • Song Length
  • Device Format

File Type

File formats used can notably increase or decrease the amount of music that can be saved in 8GB worth of storage. Music files that are compressed permit a larger amount of data to be uploaded into the drive. The standard device and music player will be able to play MP3 files, there are others that can however play various file types with ease. Users should still consider alternative options that compress into smaller formats. Many audiophiles consider AAC a better option due to its higher audio quality an efficient compression. This particular format can produce a larger library of songs as opposed to the MP3 type.

Bit Rate

Your typical MP3 file has a Bit Rate ratio compression that is most suited for consumer use. The majority of 8GB devices in the market are able to play a maximum 320kbit/s. There are a few handful devices of 8GB capacity that can play more than 640kbit/s since the vast majority of commercially available music in an MP3 format is only at 128 kbit/s.

Song Length

Lastly, it is essential to understand how the length of each song will determine how much of the storage space it will take up. Simply put a song that is 10 minutes long will obviously use up more space than one that is only 2 minutes in length. This needs to be noted since music is sometimes released as a single file containing an entire album worth of data — this could easily be over an hour long.

Device Format

Interestingly enough, lots of devices available commercially claim to have 8GB of storage. What they fail to mention is how a portion of this is set aside and used for the firmware or software of the said device. Thus, once formatted the physical space remaining will be less than what is advertised. More or less the usable space of an 8GB gadget can range anywhere between 7GB to 7.5GB.

The storage of songs is usually calculated by the space occupied per minute of music. Generally, MP3 formats at 128 kbit/s will take up 1mb per minute, with that in mind, it is safe to say that an 8GB phone or memory card can hold about 1,500 to 2,000 songs based on the aforementioned details.

Bear in mind that the song length and quality of the music loaded onto an 8GB device can still be a determining factor of how many tunes you can store. Unless you are in the music industry, 8GB worth of music, in my opinion, would produce a decent-sized library.

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